Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lesberado is Evelyn Everyone

Evelyn Everyone has now travelled to over twenty different countries all over the world.
A large part of her success, is the incredible music that is in the short film.

A lot of 'found' tracks were used from well known New Zealand and Australian Musicians,
such as Charlie Ash, Clare Bowditch and Skipping Girl Vinegar.. but one song was created especially for the film.

'Lesberado' is a song that was written and designed especially for a particular scene in the film, where
the main protagonist has to come to terms with her own sexuality after many years of repression.
It's a really fun moment in the film, where Eve's imagination is unleashed, in full hand drawn animation,
as well as captured 2D animations from Second Life. It's really the biggest transformation point in the film, and
couldn't have been acheived without artist/ musicians; Brooke Small and Alicia Charleston.

These two collaborated to bring about a musical piece, that not only complimented the film, but
really gave it another layer. They lyrics, and vocals of Brooke Small throw chills down your back, and Alicia's
accompaniment musically, is just devine. As the director, I worked with these two, in pre-production, in order
to really 'nut out' what we wanted the song to acheive. It really is now, the high point of the film.